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Vintage Pharmacy/Drug Labels:

Travel back in time with remedies and medicinal cures from yesteryear with our vintage pharmacy labels and our vintage poison labels. Always interesting to read, these vintage drug labels describe remedies that today would be considered unhealthy or even deadly. Although small in size, these vintage drug labels are packed with period details that make each vintage pharmacy label a tiny time capsule. Most collectors of vintage drug labels enjoy the period details like antiquated phone numbers and ingredient lists that rely heavily on alcohol. Vintage poison labels are popular with their exaggerated skull and cross bones and antidotes printed right on the vintage label.

Vintage Food Labels:

Vintage food labels offer collectors a look back in time when labels were more akin to art and each brand had its own unique food label style. Our vintage food labels are all originals. Our vintage food labels offer unique trips back in time and some of our vintage food labels would today be considered politically incorrect or copyright infringements. Vintage food labels also showcase foods that today seem both strange and unappetizing like Chocolate Fizz Soda. We carry vintage soda labels, root beer labels, and ginger ale labels. We also carry vintage sardine labels. All of our vintage food labels are original, and most of our vintage food labels are warehouse overruns so their colors are as vibrant as the day these vintage labels were printed.

Vintage Beauty Labels:

Our vintage beauty labels are ornate and gorgeous with gold accents, bright colors, and incredible detailing for such small vintage beauty labels. The ornate detailing of our vintage beauty labels make them great collectibles. The vintage beauty labels are pretty enough to frame as art. Imagine our vintage beauty labels as they would have been in the early 1900s on dainty glass bottles ready for fashionable ladies and gentleman to use. Perfume labels are often very interesting labels. While the advertised products might seem antiquated today, the attractiveness of these vintage beauty labels, withstand the test of time.